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Contemporary Danish Jazz



Thomas Agergaard +3

Thomas Agergaard
Bjarne Roupé
Niklas Campagnol
Joel Illerhaag


Earth Calls concert first version USMIFKA 9-11 - 2016 ... In 1977 the spacecraft Voyager was sent on to a scientific journey into space. On board was "The Golden Record": a CD on which scientists had carefully chosen different fragments of sounds from the planet Earth. A message in a bottle, sent into the vast cosmic sea hoping to encounter with foreign civilisations. Among many other things, on the CD was the bulgarian folksong: "Izlel e delju Haidutin". The Voyager-spacecraft has recorded the interaction between the solarwind and the magnetic fields from the planets in our solarsystem. NASA has transformed these vibrations into sound, and thereby made it possible for the human ear to "hear" the planets.

From the project Bach in perspective, Thomas Agergaard: Tenorsaxophone, Tobias van der pals: Cello recorded august 2020.

Recording from 2018 live at Gustavs Bistro, Copenhagen With Artur Tuznik: Piano. Thomas Agergaard: Soprano Saxophone

Thomas Agergaard: Tenorsaxophone. Jeppe Gram: Drums. Jonas Westergaard: Bass. Recorded 2002

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