Genius Loci: The Arctic

Genius Loci støtter NOAH's Klima Arbejde

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The Arctic

The Arctic – one of the most vulnerable eco-systems on Earth – is changing dramatically under the influence of developments in the climate of our globe.


These maps and images speak of arctic Greenland, which has given birth to so many tales, myths and narratives. They speak of incredible courage and amazing human sacrifice and accomplishment. But they also speak of the steps we have taken towards the arctic reality with which we live today.


We are all responsible.

We can all help.

Our Earth is asking you to take responsibility.

Don’t forget! The Earth does not need you, but you need the Earth.




This Music

This music is dedicated to our ability to listen, and to the Arctic. It does not follow set patterns, like Danish forestry, but flows by its own momentum. To me, it feels natural - like moving through a landscape shaped by time, wind and weather.


I have filled it with shimmers of darkness and light.

Some is dry.

Much is wet.


We must learn to listen to the warnings flowing from Nature. We must learn to listen deep within ourselves, and to each other. For we are born with the keenest senses, which can develop in all directions, and which charge us with the responsibility to develop our empathy and leave space for the multiplicity, of which we are a part. Our survival depends on our ability to listen to Nature within ourselves.


Nature will always survive. We are only part of it. Experts have warned us for decades, and today, it is clearer than ever. Nature is rising up, and may end up sweeping us away. Whatever we do to it, we do to ourselves. What we pour into it will end up in ourselves.


Diversity is the wealth of this planet, and our place at the top of the food chain places in our lap the responsibility to maintain that, which is the foundation of our own existence, and which in the end may defend us against our unnatural rapacity.


Irrespective of politics, colour or creed we must accept responsibility for ourselves, for others and for Nature. 2009 is the year of independence for Greenland after a century of an imperialism, which continues to leave its deep imprints throughout the world.


Listening makes the journey more beautiful.


Thomas Agergaard.


I find the CD very relaxing. What's wonderful about it is that it doesn't catch your focus. It keeps swaying in the room, coloring the corners:-) very powerful indeed! It's great to do Yoga with it.

Dalia Fatelson



Tak til:


Det Kongelige Bibliotek for støtte til gennemførelse af projektet.

Henrik Dupont, Center for Kort og Billeder, Det Kongelige Bibliotek, for historiske kort. Dorte Andersen. ZOO, for ulve hyl.

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Henrik Højmark Thomsen, GEUS, for sattelitfoto.

Fotografier: af Morten Remmer, Henning Blom, Mogens Rishøj, og Christopher Jacob Ries